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Has anyone ever heard this threat before, or any thing similar?
"I'm going to trash your boat if you leave another mess like that in the kitchen, bath room, living room, dinning room". They really don't play fair! Or "I'm going to track mud through your boat and see how you like it" Who has the best threat?
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Well, just tell her that is the fundamental difference between men and women. We put carpet in our boats that we can just be hosed out when it gets dirty. Pull the plug and let gravity handle the rest. Try that one in her house. This is really an efficiency thing that women have not yet figured out! We value our time, and our toys reflect that. That is why we put 200+ horsepower on a 19 foot boat. Got to get there quickly, not wasting time. Who care about the differnece between 3.3 and 3.5 miles per gallon?

Look in your house, she will have 'china' that can't go in the dishwasher. What's up with that? You (the man) spend the money for HER on the efficiency items (dishwasher, electric iron, wahser and dryer) and she won't use it. One day, hopefully, maybe, nay, they will realize that time is worth something and admit we were correct all along.
Dream on BoatnFish
im with john on this one. no wife here. marriage is for the birds!

madman himself
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