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Thursday 11th

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Salt area. A couple of cast with the Red Eye and the lure just stopped dead. I came back on the rod and there was no weight. Thought the lure was gone but it was still there. Well most of it was as one of the eyes was gone including the wire that holds it in. Picked another rod with a Lucy's LULU BR on it and the third cast nailed a nice large Mouth. (Photo later) Then Randy Schmitt caught a very large LMB on a Blue Gill colored Super Shad. Then another and another. Then I caught another LMB on a Perch Super Shad. Then we went to the mouth of the Clinton River and worked the area well with no results. It started to rain so we headed to Marsac as it is right by Randy's house. My second cast with the Lucy's LULU produced a savage strike for a Muskie that almost tore the rod out of my hands. All I can say is I'm lucky I still have the outfit and the fish was really BIG. Awhile later Randy had a mid forty come in low under another Buck Tail. Then it started to pour so we went in. We saw The Kid and Pete Mania and we talked for awhile on the water. All in all a great day on the water. I'm booked tomorrow and will report when I get in. Good Fishing All. Bob

Caught on a Bruner Runner Lucy's Lulu

Czught on a Brunner Runner. H20 Patriot

Caught on a Super Shad
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Sounds like some exciting times. Rain drove me off the lake today too. Not much to show for my time...a few bass and a pike. Fished the 400 club. Lots of floating weeds that made things tough.

Good luck tomorrow.
Went out today with a very nice fellow named Ken. Last name unlisted to protect the fish. LOL He beat me as he landed the only Bass and I missed the hook set on 2 different Muskie. One was about 3 foot and the other in the mid 40 inch class. Saw a couple of other Bass. At 1:30 P.M. out in front of the white pier I was tossing a firetiger Super Shad and a very active very big Muskie came up from the depths behind my lure. Her Gills were flaring and she was ready then. Off to the side she saw Ken's Muskie Killer and left the Super Shad in the blink of an eye and with her mouth wide open and it was a big mouth she headed for the buck tail just as Ken pulled it out of the water. The fish came part way out of the water and then left us so fast it was unreal. My best guess was between 52 to 54 inches and with a very thick girth. Talked to Pete Mania and Schram earlier in the day.
Been out 6 of the last 7 days and have seen Muskie every day. So they are there.
Good Fishing All. Bob
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too bad about that big one Bob. Those big ones are just in another class of their own out there and are pretty darn smart lol. Good to see you out there Gramps
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Great being out with you. l would recommend you in a New York minute , you know your muskie. Had a great time and I was taught by the best,( Muskie Bob.)
...You can pay me later LOL.... Go Wings I predict 4-2 Wings tight game Osgood MVP......
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O.K. Ken how much do I owe you? LOL

It was a blast fishing with you today. The bite was a bit slow but you saw your first 50 plus inch Muskie today. On top of that you took a dollar away from me.
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