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Thursday Report

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Fished today from 9 am to 2 pm. Launched from Harley Ensign and shot down to 12 mile only to see lots of floating weeds along the american shore. A small clearing near 9 mile let me catch a 3 lb smallie on a Mepps #3 in rainbow while dragging power maggots for perch. Water was clear and 55 degrees. I spotted a big smallie cruising in 5 feet but couldn`t get her to bite. I decided to run down to the dumps for some `skie fishing but found too many weeds to troll effectively. Went off the Gross Pointe Yacht Club and perched it with the pack. Only caught 3 dink perch there. I didn`t have any minnows and saw a few jumbos being taken by nearby boats although it wasn`t hot and heavy action. Finished up off the 400 club with another perch pack. Weeds were abundant there too and no action made me call it a day. It was good to finally get out after the worst september for me ever. Windy, windy, windy. The water temp was consistent everywhere I went. 55 degrees. Good fishing to all.
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