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Putting a tip-up out while jigging is like a bobber rod out in open water.

There are different type's of tip-ups. One that is favored by many ice-anglers is the Pro-Thermal Tip-Up. This tip-up is round and fits right over the hole. This prevents snow from blowing into the hole and also insulates the hole, which prevents the hole from freezing over. Another advantage to this type is that it prevents light from entering the hole. Important in shallow water.

Tip ups are a good way to relax and fish.

Have your name and address taped to your tip-up, it's a law.

Never leave your tip-ups, always be there, man them.

I like using what's called a QUICK-STRIKE RIG, slide a eagle claw laser sharp treble hook on the line and tie another laser claw to the end and adjust the first hook you put on to the size of the bait your useing, now that's a mouthful of hooks. Taking care to hold the bait real good so your not wearing the hooks...biggie!!!

Hook bait in front of dorsal and behind dorsal. adjust so hooks are positioned in thirds across the back of the bait.

Always becareful that when you set the flag your face is away from the spring loaded flag. Don't poke your eye.

Not much is more exciting when you hear FLAGGG!!! And you race to the tip-up to see what's there.

Using the quick-strike-rig allows you to immediatly set the hook and battle your prize.

Anyone please add a tip you like. Thank you.

If the fish pulls hard let line slip through your hands.

Its a good idea to do a inverted funnel shape to your hole. This way the fish slides right out when you get it to the hole. Alot of fish are lost on the edge of the hole.

h2o<----says Flagggggggggg!!!! zoom

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I love ice fishing with tip-ups.
Sometimes I put out one tip-up and jig with a pole but most of the time I put out two tip-ups and sit back, relax and enjoy a few beers.

The first time I went ice fishing I was about 8. I was on Spider Lake, just outside of Traverse City. My first time ever on ice. A pressure crack came right down the center of the lake and I just freaked. I took off running for shore and I think I might have even pissed my pants.
Everyone out there just about died laughing. I still hear about that day whenever I go up to my friends in T.C.

Hope to see some of you out there this winter.

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