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I went for my mammogram last week. They just did the normal 4 pic thing. They never came back & had to redo anything (that is a good thing) So the lady says, your all set, you can go. I said wohoooo, no lumps? She smiled & said see you next year, have a good year. I was so excited!
Then Monday I got a call from my Dr. Said the mam showed a mass in my right breast, category 4 very suspicious, need biopsy. There are only 5 catagories. Five being 99% pos its cancer. I FREAKED!
So went to the surgeon yesterday for consult. Took the films and the radiologists report. The report was wrong is so many way! Said I had previously had a lumpectomy on the right (I didn't it was the left) Said they did a spot compression on the right mass (they didnt)
Anyway, the Dr is looking at the films, reading the report...then he finally said, "I am going to put this in medical terms. What the F*CK is he talking about????" There was no lump, mass , NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
The Dr was really PO'd. He wrote WTF? On the envelope with the films, said he would be calling & giving this guy h*ll. The Dr thinks the radiologist read someones elses films, transcibed under MY name. Some poor woman has a bas report. I hope they figure out who & let her know!

So after being totally freaked & stressed from 1 oclock monday till 6 oclock last night.....
All is well.
We went to Steves Bar on the way home & celebrated.
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But....something good came out of this...I made a phone call today

I was so happy to hear that news last night...was so worried about you.

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QUOTE(Saleena362 @ Aug 20 2003, 11:07 PM)But....something good came out of this...I made a phone call today
Alright! Good girl!
Thank you for the support.
And a HUGE thank you to Garydrbs for being there , listening to me & being supportive.
And another big thank you to Instigator.
Don't know what I would do with out you guys!
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WTF! That is one sad and scary story! How the h$ll can they screw up something so dang important, like someones life???

I'm glad all is well with you and do hope they find the person that has the lump, asap.
Im real glad things turned out in your favor!!
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OMG, heads should roll! Glad to hear everything worked out for you. I really hope they find out who is thinking they are alright and aren't though!

Just SO glad everything is ok!
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Are you sure now the results your doctor looked at are accurate and really yours?

If you were my wife, I would urge you to insist that the tests be redone. Or maybe go to a completely different radiologist. St. John's is reliable, I think - my wife has been very pleased there. They have a new digital exam that is far more accurate, although many insurances don't pay for it yet (my wife's doesn't but we paid the difference - you want the best test you can get).

My wife had a double mastectomy with reconstruction eight years ago and all is looking well now. As bad as what we went through was, it was alot better than not knowing you have cancer and waiting too late to find out.

All you girls out there, get those puppies examined at the recommended intervals for your age and risk factors. We love them but we love you lots more!
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That is horrible!!! I am glad things are ok!!! I am not trying to worry you but if they screwed up that much aren't you worried that maybe they still did not have the right ones?

I am not trying to worry you and I am sorry if it does. But if you were my mom, I would send you back to redo the mammogram just to make sure. If there was a film mix up who knows where yours are? I am sure you are fine, but if there was a mass and you let it go a year that could possibly have a traumatic impact on your health. Because they screwed up they should do it free.

Not trying to be difficult just truthful. I will shut up now!
Boat monkey & Girlie, you are both right. We are not taking thing lightly. We saw the films. Compared them to the ones taken last year. They look exactly the same, but my surgeon did say we would redo them to make sure.
Thank you both for your advise & concern. With my family history, I will NEVER leave anything to chance.

Boatmonkey, thats wonderful to hear that your wife is doing well. God bless her!
QUOTE(MrsSunbum @ Aug 21 2003, 04:35 PM)Thank you both for your advise & concern.
We like you!!!!!!
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Glad everything turned out ok!!
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