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TNZ Or Alinghi

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I say Alinghi over TNZ 5 to 1.

Screw the Strap On. TNZ will be faster but Coutts will still win.
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hmm...that's a tough one...but you may be right...

To be honest I figure I'd stopped watching after Oracle blew it. I actually find AC racing incredibly boring to watch since there are only two boats and when I don't even have the home team to root for....but I'll probably check it out between writing papers for school....
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I watched round 1 almost every race. Round 2 occasionally. The finals only rarely. I'll watch the actual cup match every night.

I don't like the format they use at all for the cup. Especially the wind limits in place for the LVC. Since the original race that spawned the cup was a fleet race I think it would make it a lot more interesting if the fleet raced for the LVC and then match raced just for the finals. A change in boats is seriously needed. Something smaller/more high tech. I think a race with 40ft IMS'ers would be more interesting to watch. Or better yet some sort of sport boat type with asymetricals.
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