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What a fantastic time!!!!
Canuck you called it right Bob and Czar took the bets.

Czar nailed a whooper, 43in Muskie on his redeye. And a nice 3lb pike. Bob had so many hits and follows our blood pressure never came down all day. Bob also boated 2 Largemouth about 2-3lb. A smallmouth about 2lbs. And a nice Pike about 3lbs.

h2o got 2 smallmouths 1-2 lbs, and a rockbass.

Just a great time with the legend himself, what a learning trip. I'm just so fortunate to fish next to Muskie Bob Sr. And learned more than he know's or maybe he does know for he's unbelievable and if you can fish with him it's so worth it you'll treasure that day forever. Water temp. varied from 61-71 and we fished Anchor bay from one side to the other. Got some nice pictures and enjoyed the day.

h2o<--says Fish with the Legend,, you won't be sorry.
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Nice report H2o. Used your weather prediction today and Bob's recommended spot. Had a good day. Two nice fish.
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Hey, way to go guys. I was out there also - casting from my 16' Alumncraft; I recognized the three of you as passed me behind Selfridge. Did you have your luck along the air base? I only managed 4 bass - 2 smallies & 2 largeheads; I guess I should have brought the muskie gear.
sarc, wished you came up to us to say hi maybe next time. Got two pike by the base. Good job on the bass, wtg. Thanks for replying and hope to see you on the water.

Another one
Yes, a very enjoyable day today. Good company, good weather and some heart thumping action too. My fish, which by the way took the title and made me 3 bucks, lol, came on a red eye in the firetiger color. Love those `skies. The water is finally clearing with coontail and cabbage really starting to grow. Looking forward to the next time out. Probably friday to Erie depending on h2o`s forecast. LOL


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Congratooolations, guys. Nice fish! Thanks for the post. I may be out on Friday myself and hope I do half as well.
Sarc we also raised one Muskie and lost another in the heavy weeds by Selfridge. I had a great day lost five fish and raised four more. We had Muskie on every spot we went to except one. A couple of the fish where a lot bigger than Czar's but if you don't keep your hooks sharp you will not get good hook sets. Let it Go Let it Grow. Bob
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