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Tonight - Hamlin Pub

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MONDAY nights:

Anyone interested - come on out and join us at the Hamlin Pub : Hamlin Road and Rochester, NW corner behind Ram's Horn. Karaoke and drink specials if you're with us.

questions? call me 586-243-5532
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Hey, now that's MY neighborhood!!!
yeah, and i just passed it..........i'm too pooped now anyway. Have fun Bigdaddy! don't drink to much
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Oh my those Jaeger Bombs are taking their toll!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the vodka shots and omelets after close.

My team's up there every Monday night, come on up next week for chep drinks and Karaoke for those inclined!
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Wow, one too many activities tonight.

GG Party at Jewel's, Tuesday Boozeday at Steve's bar, and now the Hamlin Pub...this one big boozeday of a Tuesday!!!
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QUOTE(hammer @ May 5 2003, 06:50 PM)Hey, now that's MY neighborhood!!!
Hey Hammer
how are things??

good I hope!!!!

Stacie & Scott
Where is that? That map is too localized for this Houstonian.

I'm at work at 17th and Mound. How close/far am I?
Big Daddy,

It's great to hear that an LSCNer (newbie) is in my neck of the woods!! Although not a regular, I visit the Pub often -- live in Rochester.

We should hook up at the pub. A little late tonight, but soon!

Its on Rochester road just north of M59. Hello, by the way. I'm new to the LSCN and sorta new to Michigan too (been here for almost 3 years).

Maybe next week we can hook up with Bigdaddy for the cheap drinks?
Oh, and any 'west siders' we should all get together next week!!
My bad for not putting a date on this one; This is a MONDAY event. We play every Monday at Suburban and hit the pub afterwards as they are kind enough to sponsor us. I go up there once in a while on other days enough to know some of the mainstay regulars like Mike, Missy, Stan, Mike2, Jean and some others.

Hammer, Kurt, Yankee come on up and join us this coming Monday. Just ask the waitstaff if you can't find me. They should know me by BigDaddy as the knick came from there but if not ask for Ron from the Hamlin Pub softball team.

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