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I've been fairly tight lipped about my famous Citrus Grilled Walleye but since so many on this site have been very helpful and generous I'll divulge my secret!
First, take your fillet walley and cut them in half since it make it easier to handle on the grill. Next, placin in a zip lock bag and add Approx. (I never measure since it doesn't really matter
1 cup Italian dressing 1 cup O.J. half a chopped onion, a tbsp minced garlic or more if you love garlic like me! 1/4 cup jalapeno's the sliced ones in the jar. 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tbsp black peper, 1 tsp paprika. Let it marinade at least a few hours I leave it over night. Next, get your BBQ real hot around 400* I only use charcoal but have done it on a propane grill. Now, you dont need anything on the grill grates to prevent sticking since you used the italian dressing in the marinade, just take the fillets and lay them skin side down on the grill and scoop with your hand or a spoon I use my hand
some of the solid stuff from the marinade bag and spread on top pf the filets and close the lid. Check after about 5-7 min if they have a good char flip over and rapeat for another 5-7 min ONLY FLIP ONCE that is the key to get them to stay together, once they get a good char they will seperate from the grill with ease. I also use a sharp metal spatula to get under them a plastic one doesn't work so well. Now, serve with your favorite veggie and enjoy!
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