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As he mentioned Pop-R's are an all time favorite as are Zara Spooks. Personally I dont think color has alot to do with it as long as the belly is the right color (if that makes any sense).

Flukes and other soft jerkbaits are awesome on Clair for smallmouth. Keep in mind the video you saw of Dudley was right outside of the mouth of the Black Creek (entrance to Metro) and he was catching mostly re-treads (term for fish already causght and released in a tournament). There are MANY more places on the lake to catch smallmouth on soft jerkbaits. My favorite is a Bass Pro Shops XPS Twin Tailed Shad in Baby Bass or Albino Shad. The watermelon one works well to. If you head to Bass Pro Shops in March (13 & 14) come catch my seminars, I always talk about soft jerkbaits.

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