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Totally unrelated to fishing question

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Allright, just wondering if anyone knows of any place that I can take my dog to the lake and let him swim and play around. I know alot of places are picky about these kinds of things so just wondering if anyone knows any places. He's a st bernard, so I cant just sneak him anywhere.

Thanks guys
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You can take him to any boat ramp and let him swim, you just need to be mindful of the times when the ramp is busy. I take my dog to Crocker once every week or so and let her retrieve a duck dummy. Other than that, you could let him out on any oft the islands - gull, seaway, etc.
im not positive but maybe you could take him to New Baltimore, we have a few parks. im not sure about NB park though(infront of police station) but try roudisale point, decent little park and see dogs in the park all the time. i think that water is pretty shallow there. what about open launches? im not recommending a high volume place with lots of traffic but maybe 1 thats more of a hidden place. i really don't know of anything closer, wish i did.

have fun.
I always take Gauge out to Gull
Crocker/South River launches work too when it's not busy
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i take mine to sylvan glen park rochester rd and square lake i never have a problem there. or i take her to yates cider mill avon and dequnindre rd.
Algonac State Park, He might even find a swimming buddy there
I always took mine to stoney creek. not sure if they allow dogs now.
QUOTE(EagleLarry @ Jul 14 2009, 05:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I always took mine to stoney creek. not sure if they allow dogs now.

yes that is another one we where just there last week we practice jumping of the docks never have a problem there ether.
Yes, Wetzel is a good one now that the "quiet" season is over. The skeeters and flies can be bad though.
The black flies have been down enough for shep to do occasional training with his lab, the ponds there are awsome.
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