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Well went out to jackson for some rut bow hunting. Been quiet around here with the crops still up. Friday night saw nothing. Saturday morning-nothing!! Saturday night all hell broke loose. Watched a doe walk out into field about 100 yds away followed closely by a big tall 8 pt. He serviced her 5 times!!!!! Another buck (7 pt) came out and watched them for a little bit and then fouond another doe that he chased off. After last time she started to walk towards me, went about 10 yards and turned around and went back towards other stand I thought about sitting in!! Damn!!!
Sunday morning was foggy and sat in another stand where nice buck was spotted the morning before. Around 8:15 I see a nice buck walking towards my stand. Its the 7 pt from the night before!! I get ready, draw my bow wait for it to step into a clearing and let loose the arrow. Whack!!! right into the groung UNDER the deer!!! Misjudged the distance. WTF. Missed a clear shot at a nice buck.
Oh well he walked away without a wound. Sh!t happens. Hopefully he'll be back next weekend along with the other tall 8 pt. Fill both tags with those 2 for sure!!
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