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Transom Repair

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I have a 1987 / 88 Thompson Daytona, 30 ft.
I have a transom issue, I have rot around the port drive.
I need to pull the motors and the complete drive assy'
I have never pulled a drive assy' (the housing everything from the transom)
My friend P29 says i have to drill out some area's to get the gimbal assy' out or something.
Who can help me out,. let me know what i need to do to get the complete drive assy' off.
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Are you going to do all the repair yourself? To take off the gimble, if it has never been done before, you have to buy a kit with a templet that shows you where to drill. You might have noticed, on some outdrives, there are two large hex screws on each side at the top of the gimble housing. That means those outdrives gimbles have been removed. That means the upper gimble nut was worn and needed a new gimble. I have seen one time where someone had transom rot and needed this work done. The engines have to be removed, as well as the outdrives of course. Then the rot removed and the transon rebuilt with new wood and glass. It is an extensive job. I am pretty handy with maintenance, but I dont think I would attempt that job on my own. Good luck.
I agree with Boatchic. If you want a good professional job done, call Vicious...
yes, my drive assy have never been, just the drive to replace ujoints ect..
well i plan on doing it myself, with p29, and a friend of mine who has done glass work for 20 yrs, also tooling too.
thanks for the info !
i plan on leaving the outside gelcoat in tact, routing out the bad wood, chissle pick for corners ect..
thompson was famous for not glassing in the inside of the transom, wich is like mine, i have painted wood on the inside of the transom

i will call vicious marine for a quote though,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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