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Tried between Metro and St Clair Light

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Went out yesterday evening, trying to find that spot 4 miles off of metro between metro and the light, and we drifted and trolled around with crawler harnesses with no luck on finding that hot spot from last week. (fish always move around) So we went back to the bay between metro and the spillway. (Lots of boats out) really nice night. Slow action, with just a couple of perch and a largemouth that I picked up casting a bomber.
The wind has just been relentless the last 2 weeks! It was nice to have a calm evening.

Guess we got to get back to the shipping channel and try our luck out there. I want to try the Saint Clair River north of Algonac to get some Walleye.

Anyone else catching fish out in front of the spillway and the ramp?
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There are walleyes along the channel edges north of "the light" if you look hard. Also I heard a rumor that walleyes were being taken a few days ago in the northern areas of the dumping grounds.
granted this is going back three weeks now, but I did have some success about 3/4 of a mile straight out from the launch at the spillway. I was casting a small minnow plug made by Rebel that the large mouth seemed to like.
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