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I'm getting ready to pick up a new 520DVX (02 model) here in the next few weeks. I currently have (2) 24v (71 & 82lb) MG trolling motors w/52" shafts. The new boat has a 42" 74lb Minn Kota Maxxum. I'm trying to decide what brand TM and what shaft length.

Here are the factors weighing my decision.

1) MKs are quieter than MGs in my opinion and also come through grass better.

2) I fish smaller inland bodies of water regularly (lots of weeknight events).

3) I fish St. Clair/Erie during BFL events (as well as pre-fish for these events)

4) If a MG burns out, I can change it on the water with a spare in a short amount of time....With an MK, you have to put a whole new mount on.

5) I like the MG foot pedal better (smaller and easier to use in my opinion)

I know....Sensory overload....What are your experiences???


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I too am a MG fan. For alot of the reasons you mentioned. MK makes a good motor especially in grass.

I will be running a MG this year to see if the claims of better QC and improved product are true. If they arent, I will be a MK guy in '04.

I would certainly try to get a longer shaft motor if you plan on fishing the big water, but remember that on both brands, you can only lift the motor (when in shallow) so far before the mid shaft bearing stops you.

Good luck in your decision....

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Whatever you choose don't skimp on shaft length or power. Get the top end 24v or jump up to the 36v. I run a 36v, but you'll obviously have to put in another battery. I wouldn't suggest going with anything under a 50" shaft if your fishing St.Clair or Erie. If you get the 42" shaft all you'll hear all day is PPHHHHFFFTTT PHHHHHFFFFTTT.
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