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Trolling Question

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Looking for some guidance.

We usually drift until we start hitting fish and then drop anchor. We are using 36" harnesses with bb. How much line do you run out when you troll? I also read on another post about using longer harnesses or trailing a second longer harness above the first one. Any adivice would be appreciated.

I'd like to give that a try this weekend. Thanks in advance.

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the best way is to set your lines at different depths then adjust acording to where your getting bites at
Trolling two harnesses on one line sounds like a mess waiting to happen to me. 3 rods per angler allows you to run 6 anyhow so why bother IMO. General rule of thumb is 1oz per 10 feet of water, but this is only a general rule. If their are high weeds then you don't want much line out or you will tangle obviously, line counters can be helpful in this situation sicne if you let 40 feet out and get weeds then you can try 30 feet etc. I am usually running BB's in the river or deep channels with little weeds so I slowly let the line out while trolling forward just a bit faster than the current until the BB hits bottom then I lock it in and keep trolling. The BB will raise up a few feet off the bottom after trolling forward for a few feet and this prevent most snags. Sometimes if that is not producing I will literally bounce bottom with them by letting more line out and locking the reel until I see the rod tip indicate a bottom tick every once in awhile. This is how I do it but their are a thousand other ways to, good luck!
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