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Late 80's Mercury outboard and quicksilver shifting mechanism with two cables running from the shifter to the motor. It has always been a little rough getting into gear, reverse especially required a faster shift to keep from getting stuck in between gears. I knew the cable needed adjustment, it almost felt like the throttle was kicking in before it was fully in gear, in fact at about 1300 rpm's in forward it would clunk but then run smooth before and after that point. Well yesterday we were out and reverse went out completely. I was in reverse, gave it a bit of gas and got a clunk clunk clunk, and then the awful grinding noise you hear when someone doesn't shift gears fast enough or far enough, except the grinding noise continued until I shifted back into neutral. After that any shift into reverse whatsoever results in the awful grinding noise, no matter how fast I shift, or how far I shift, if i keep going it gives it more throttle but still doesn't shift into gear and results in a sickening clunk/grind combination. I tried tinkering with cable adjustments with a friend and wasn't able to get anywhere with it, with the motor off and shifting, you can feel where the shift mechanism on the motor doesn't push back far enough to put it into gear, any adjustments at all did not help. However, whatever we did made it shift into forward beautifully, smooth and easy, even shifting slow it did not get caught in between gears at all, and the clunking at around 1300 rpms is gone now.
Any ideas on anything else to try to get it shifting into reverse? Otherwise it will be going to the mechanic soon!
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