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I know a lot of guys use 1/8 oz. pretty often. I usually start with 1/8 and only go bigger if it is too windy to feel the lure or it won't get to the bottom. I don't care if it takes a few seconds to get to the bottom either. The slower fall gets a lot of fish. When the wind picks up (which it will) you can keep working a lighter tube if you change your rod angle and put the tip at the waters surface. This will keep the wind from putting the big curve in your line which will cause a loss of feel for you and the tube will be dragged by the line blowing. Also when I'm in current I may go heavier to get it down quicker. Going from 1/8 oz to only 3/16 oz is a pretty big change in the feel and fall rate of a tube. What is it hanging up on (rocks, weeds)? If it's weeds then you may want to try Texas rigging instead of an exposed hook.

Hope this helps.
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