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Tuesday Night LSCN Party @ T-N-T's.

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If you so much as peeked in the Boathouse forum, you know what's going on. But if you haven't, here's the details.....

Join the gang at T-N-T's for:
$1.00 Beers
$1.00 Coneys
$0.25 Wings

LSCN'ers will arrive anywhere from 7 to 10.
T-N-T's is located on the west side of Harper on the northwest corner 15 Mile Road.

Follow the links below for more details....

Why T-N-T's?



Unofficial T.N.M.O.T.W and drink special of the night

What the heck is T.N.M.O.T.W?

MORE info

If you have a good time tonight, thank our own Captian Beer Jammer.

If you have a lousy time.... you went to the wrong bar!
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See you there....I will be getting there around 8.

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