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Tuesday Weather

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it sure isn't that bad of a day.

It is cloudy, hot, and humid for them saying 74 degrees. I hope the rest of the days forecasted like this are no worse than this. We could end up with an ok boating weekend.
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Hate to burst your bubble
, but it's now raining here in Farmington Hills and, from Weather Underground:
QUOTESpecial Weather Statement

Statement as of 1:03 PM EDT on July 21, 2009
... Special Weather Statement...

Scattered thunderstorms will continue to increase in coverage from
Metro Detroit to Port Huron through the afternoon. At 1258 PM
EDT... the strongest storms were approaching areas from Westland to
Livonia and moving northwest at 10 mph.

Pea size hail... winds greater than 30 mph... are possible with these
storms. These storms are also producing heavy rainfall and may
quickly create ponding of water on area roadways.

Gusty winds may cause small objects such as trash bins to blow
around. Seek shelter in a sturdy structure as storms approach your


Curiously: No marine warnings yet, it would appear.

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