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Tyler Leger

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So I went on my daily run down the Metro Path when there was a 3 mile funeral precession going into St. Huberts. On my run way back, I passed St. Huberts and they were bringing the casket in and there were a bunch of young teenage boys lined on each side with their hockey shirts on and their sticks raised in the air. It was so sad.

Apparently the deceased was young 16 year old boy named Tyler Leger.

Did anyone know him?

Rest in peace young soul.
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Yes, I knew of him... I teach driver ed over at L'Anse Creuse Central. Its been high on the conversation list in driver ed.

His girlfriend broke up with him, and unfortunately, he took his own life.

Very sad, such a bright life ahead. RIP Tyler.
RIP, Tyler.
This is yet another tragedy for the same group of kids that lost Tyler Doughty a few years back.

This was a horrible tragedy, parents leave the house, he's on the phone with this girlfriend and they get called back as he followed through on the "if you leave me I'll kill myself" threat.

My heart goes out to the parents and family (his dad has coached is travel hockey team for years along with Mr. Doughty) and to all the friends, especially the girlfriend.
More hockey info here:
and a link to the funeral guest book
Oh no! How sad!
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What a great looking kid. My heart goes out to his friends & family.
QUOTE(freckles @ Jun 19 2009, 12:22 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>More hockey info here:
and a link to the funeral guest book
So, so unfortunate. He is such a good looking kid. God bless him and his family. One of the guys I work with knows him and his family and told me about this the other day. They were all into hockey~
I was driving with students when it happened - we were in between drives. My student didnt believe the news he got from a text message and called Tylers house, where he was told it was true

Was a very quiet drive after that.
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RIP my friend, no matter how bad it gets, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and always a soul to guide they way.
so very sad and so much more common than some realize

wow...a parents worst nightmare.

What a shame.

The only thing you can hope is that word of this tragedy MIGHT stop someone else from doing same......

so very very very sad.

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