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Be prepared to hear some greif on this one.

fish feel pain?
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I already received an email from a co-worker about this...I just replied "I don't feel so bad...I don't inject the fish I catch with "noxious substances". (see article)
That is a really stupid study to have... how puts venom or acetic acid on their hooks? I know i dont. And how can they want us to stop fishing when they havent done any sufficiant studies to show that fish fell pain when hooked. I personally think that is a lot of hoo-ha about a subject that is so inconclusional.
Remember that a study or research is only as good as the money that bought it. It was not too long ago that we were told not to feed our kids apples and that the ozone hole would kill us all. Now apples are good for kids and the dreaded ozone hole is getting smaller.

Every Phd canidate must write a paper on something and sometimes these unsupported thesises are reported as real scientific studies.

Will we be prevented from calling it lip-ripping?

Only when PITA members start buying licenses must we worry -- money talks.
Well in my opinion fish feel pain and so do fisherman when they slam a hook in there hands or anywhere on there body. So what if fish feel pain we do to.Catching fish has been going on forever. So many live things feel pain. It's just the WAY IT IS. Gosh isn't there alot more important things to think about than people trying to spoil our hobby. And besides we let so many go to swim on. They should say something about catch and release.... just a few of my thoughts. h2o
The reason i started this was to warn people that this is the argument that PETA has been saying from the beginning...that fish feel pain and it is wrong to catch a fish with a hook...unfortunately with this kind of study it is arming these raving lunatics with the kind of ammo they need to get laws passed through are congress..

It won't be long now before you'll see some idiot trying to pass a law or two.

We have to be on our toes now!

If anybody remembers, they almost succeded in abolishing the right to hunt bears in Michigan a few years ago.
Here's an article I like to pull out everytime the animal rights wackos start crawling out from under their rocks.

Detroit News 1994(exact date unknown)


A scottish botany professor says vegetarians are being cruel to plants when they devour a bowl of salad or a slice a juicy tomato.
"If you cut a lettuce, you are being awfully cruel," Professor Malcolm Wilkins of Glasgow University said in a recent speech on plant sensitivity to a British science conference.
"Plants are sensitive organisms. But students tell me they are vegetarians because they don't like animals being killed," Wilkins told his scientific colleagues.
"I say to them 'You are perfectly happy to slice up a tomato or cucumber ... where is you logic?'"
Wilkins told the conference at Loughborough University in central England that plants are much more sophisticated than people think.
"For example," he said, "some emit noises inaudible to the human ear when they need water."

Maybe we should form a new organization.
Save the Spud Foundation
I can see the money rolling in already.
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