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Update on Fish die off

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St. Clair Fish Kill Tied to Bacteria

It appears that a bacteria called chondrococcus columnaris is responsible for a fish die-off in Lake St. Clair.

The kill was comprised mostly of smallmouth bass which, according to a Detroit Free Press report is not that uncommon.

DNR biologists say a few thousand bass died and that anglers probably won't notice the losses due to St. Clair's thriving smallmouth population.
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I figured there would be news soon about all the dead smallmouth. I have seen a lot and some real pigs too. Doesnt seem to have an effect on the fishing.
We saw the same thing last year with dead smalleis floating around. They were everyhwere. I saw at least 10 everytime I was out last year. Only seen 3 or 4 so far this year.
Bad for the fisherman / Good for the birds. Seen several last weekend having a feast.
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