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Well, your prayers worked. Thankyou.
Theresa is doing pretty good. They didn't have to do any drastic surgery. They took care of most of her problems. They did say if we want kids we better think about it within the next few months. So, we have alot of talking to do.

As far as the interview. If my brother didn't work there I'd think it was too good to be true.
I couldn't find one thing I didn't like about the company.
They seemed to like me also. My brother said I impressed them. So, now I'm waiting for the yay or nay call.
Hopefully they make me a nice offer. I'd really like to work for the company. I'll keep you updated
Thanks again.
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Hey that's great!! Good news and a happy ending is just what we need to hear ~ I hope more good news for other members will follow suit.

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good news! good news!
way to go!!!!!
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Good to hear, Jason. Thanks for letting us know. We were thinking about you both.

Christine & Bill
That's great Jason. Still praying the offer is what you want.
Good to hear Jason, fingers are crossed for ya.
Glad everything went well Jason. Kids...hmmm big decision. Good luck with that too!
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Great news Jason! Hopefully this is the start of lots of great news threads!
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hey jay can you stop by kowalski on the way home from your new job... well next week...
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That's what Theresa's Dad said.

He said "Good, you can stop by the market and bring home some pierogi's on the way home."
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