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Value of 1994 Searay 220BR Signature?

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I hate to keep posting one question after another but have a lot on my mind.

I'm contemplating the purchase of a 1994 Searay 220BR Signature Select. This craft has a 454 Merc engine with Bravo I outdrive. It's loaded with quite a few other goodies that I will not spell out in detail here. It's in pretty good shape. The owner took great care of it mechanically and cosmetically. The only wear I can really tell is in the carpets. Comes with a tandem axle trailer.

Anyone familiar with this boat and might know its worth? just wanting to make sure the owners price is on the up-and-up and that the counter offer I'm thinking of is reasonable as well.


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Try the guides or this:

Boat US Value Check

Boat US got back to me in a couple days with a value I thought was pretty close last year.
Get a survey done. You won't regret it.
I keep hearing about getting a survey. I agree it's a good idea.

Where can I get this done? I live in Royal Oak and the boat is sitting in Sterling Heights.

For some price comparison you could do a search here to see what similiar sea rays are listed at:

For a Survery you can call Al (aka Hazy from the board here): Dolphin Survey

Good luck!
Sounds like a nice boat, i have a '92 Sea Ray 240 OV
Thank you Stacy!!

I typically use NADA and Buc value pro in combination with Boat Trader comparibles to come up with a value for my surveys. If you are interested in a full survey, I can help. Give me a call anytime.
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