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Vinyl Cleaner

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I have used many products to clean my vinyl seats which are white. Can't seem to find a product that is really amazing. I would really like them sparkling white.
What product do you recommend out there?

(I have used these products in the past, and none do the job that I want).

Meguiar's #57 Vinyl & rubber cleaner
3M cleaner
Greased Lightning cleaner
303 cleaner protectant
StarBrite vinyl cleaner&polish
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I had some seats recovered by mcleod (sp?) design and they used a product made by ppg, the paint people. It was amazing how well it worked. I don't remember the number but any ppg paint shop should know.
Fill me in on PPG. I think I have heard of it before? I think it is a paint company, right? Where is this Mcleod located?
I used a small amount of Soft Scrub with bleach and a dish cleaner pad. Work it really light in a circular motion. It will take it all out. I will show you the bottle I use.
You asked for it Convincor.

PPG Industries is a global supplier of coatings, glass, fiber glass and chemicals. The company has about 50 production facilities in the United States and about 120 worldwide, including subsidiaries, joint ventures and equity affiliates, and employs more than 33,000 people. Employees and retirees, who own 15 percent of PPG's outstanding shares, comprise the company's largest shareholder entity.

PPG is the world's largest producer of transportation coatings and is a leading maker of industrial and packaging coatings, aircraft transparencies, flat and fabricated glass, continuous-strand fiber glass, chlor-alkali and specialty chemicals and architectural coatings.

PPG's coatings businesses manufacture automotive and aerospace coatings, auto refinishes; adhesives and sealants; factory-applied coatings for appliances, building components and a broad range of industrial applications; packaging coatings; and decorative, maintenance and other architectural coatings.

Major Markets by Products

Transportation original equipment and aftermarkets, commercial and residential construction and remodeling, and maintenance, appliance, packaging and industrial markets.

Motor vehicle and aircraft original equipment and aftermarkets, commercial and residential construction, industrial markets and insurance claims management.

Fiber Glass
Transportation, construction, electronics, recreational and various industrial markets.

Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper, water treatment and industrial markets.

And I could go on and on. I work in the coatings division. I will see if I can find out anything about the product hammer is talking about.
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I'm sticking my index finger between my lips and going......BA BA BA BA BA BA!

Just kidding. That would be great to find out.
Now, do you wanna hear about fitness equipment? (my profession)

Again, just kidding. Sounds like an interesting job!
Krazy Kleen works great - I love it. I even have a little diity I sing while using it:

Goin' Crazy...
Crazy Cleanin'...
Cleanin' with Krazy Kleen!

Like alot of products, it works best with a little water so I wet the thing I'm cleaning (fender, vinyl deck covering, seat, etc.) and then spray the Krazy Kleen on and scrub with a medium stiff brush. Then rinse.
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