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Walleye Hot Spots!

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The walleyes have been hit an miss...
We hear that the surf north in the am with crawler harnesses may be a good bet. Gunna give them a try on lucky Friday 13!
2 weeks ago:
Tried in 12' across from Huron point: (1) 12" yellow-belly & 2 10" on a minnow with a slip bobber. How's' your luck?
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Out in front of Gino's has been fairly well as of late. Talked
to a guy from Professional Fishing and he said that they are
starting to turn on drifting. My partner and I took our limit two
weeks ago and 4 more last Friday night.
I would agree w/ Gino's and the 400 club being the place to start. This weather has been unusual to say the least, I think they will stay in this area longer than normal. Otherwise, they are suppose to be doing well off Marine City and toward the end of the North Channel before the lake.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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