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Walleye Tournament

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The Lake St. Clair Walleye Association will be holding their " Spring Classic" on June 13th and 14th. It will be hosted by Gilbert's Sportsmans' Association on Omo Road in New Haven. $20.00 covers the tournament and a walley dinner at the weigh in on the 14th. Or, for $10.00 you can attend the dinner and still have a shot at a door prize. I have several entry forms, and can get more if any one is interested.
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Wow. I'd LOVE to get in on this. Can I get the forms on-line? Where can I look to find more info?
Sorry Michiganrocks, but the forms are not available online. I would be more than happy to mail you oe if you want to email me your address, or call me at work: 586-415-1591.
If you want to give me a call, I can also give you a little more info about the event. I am usually at work untill 2:30.
Top Gun, you can pick up forms at the next LSCWA meeting ,April 17,03. The meeting is 7:30 pm at the Eagles hall 8mi. and Gratiot Eastpointe Mi. The public is welcome to all of our general membership meetings. PS beer is only $1.50 per can and there are several raffles as well. Hope to see some new faces there. Take care~~~~~~~~~~~~~~><> AL
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Hey Guys,

Walleye Tournament Walleye Tournament Walleye Tournament

Get the stinking ice gone!

GNT will be having their season opener April 12th and another one April 13th on the Detroit River (and connecting waters). The ramp will be Wyandotte Boat ramp. The fee is $150.00 for the team (Two person), NO HAND LINING, 5 fish limit for the team and GNT tries to release all the fish they can, so a live well or a system to keep the 5 walleye alive is a must. is the web site, click into the trails section, then click into the walleye section and all the date are there. We also have our rules on the Mission Statement page, click on the walleye rules and you should be all set.

[email protected] is the email

I work crazy hours a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Auburn Hills so please be calm, I'll respond as soon as I can.

cell number 810.523.5236


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I e-mailed Top Gun and mentioned that if the forms are sent to me I can make them into online forms... and host them too.
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