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Walleye Trolling Question

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After being away from LSC for 20 years I am back. My kids and I went out fishing last Tuesday near the shipping channel between markers 25-27. We trolled for walleye with harness and downriggers (I know..way overkill, but the d-riggers are new and I wanted to try them). We had a terrible time with weeds. What depth do you suggest trolling at? How far out should the line be from the back of the boat?

On a side note. We decided to anchor around 27 in about 20 feet of water and caught one junk fish after another. We then moved closer to 25 and nailed 15 nice jumbo perch. The perch were bigger than I ever remember catching on LSC as a kid.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Not finding so many weeds 28 + mark, BB harness 1.2-1.9 MPH 17-18 ft of water picking up a some fish, wish I had more to give ya
Last time out we had in-line weights back 18' and 22' in 13 fow. 2/3 of the 13 we caught came off the two bouncer rods, on bottom. Good luck the fish are out there!
Thank you for the tips. We're heading back out Sunday.
It was a different story this evening. In-lines 10 ft back over 11-13 fow caught us a three man limit!
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