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wanted ; kitten

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a friend said he wanted a kitten to keep him company for a while .
does anyone know where to get a kitten for a good home?
if so please let me know i'll relay the message.
i think free is the magic word here.
thanks all
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i've been looking for a kitten too. hard to find now...there should be plenty in a couple of months.

petsmart at 13 & little mack usually has kitty adoptions on sunday.
PetSmart on Hall Rd. is where I found my Sophie. She was a 4 month old kitten. We absolutely love her. It did take us a few months to find her. I posted plenty of times looking for one, trust me. You could probably do a search here and find all of the old threads.

PetFinder Link

Good luck to your friend. They'll know it when they see it
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there are a lot of resources to find kittens. This is the 'slow' time of the year but usually the shelters have kittens. Just keep your eye out and one will pick you. Have a complete health check done too.
Company for a while wont do it though, this is a partner your friend will have for the rest of the kitties life
Good luck
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PM me. I have a really rebellious one, saved from the wild by my 5 year old and is somewhat skiddish of people and, well, lets just say that before we could get our two females to the vet, they got boyfriends. Your friend can even have on e of the expectent ones if he wants as we are attempting to go completely catless.
Funny how it works!! In a couple of months I will probably end up with kittens at the Marina again. Anyone wanting to wait awhile they will be true authentic Marina kittens for you boaters!! HEE HEE
Someone here at work knows someone who needs to find a good home for their cats. Their little girl is allergic. Here they are:
A friend of mine just had a litter, they are ready to go and are free, plus very, very adorable.
pm me and let know if your interested.
if possible, please post a pic of the kittens.
than you all
i'll pass on the info to him this evening
then we'll go from there
here's a link to some kittens, turn on your sound.

A frien of mine just had kittens they are almost a week old or something like that I can't get a hold of her right now so I don't know if I can give out her number but here is Amber's email [email protected]
QUOTE(Boss @ Mar 24 2004, 07:56 AM)Their names are Seven and George:
OMG! Soo Cute
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Are you sure he was talking about a cat.......
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