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You can remove the window just be careful and slip a putty knife around the edges. Befor you put the window back on you need to clean all of the old silicone off of the fiber glass and the plexiglass. There is a product you can buy to help remove the silicone but you need to be real careful when youre using it on the plexiglass because it could harm it. Just try to apply it with a brush if possible.
Hopefully when they installed the window they used a sealer that would let you remove it. I would also check the bases of the rails to see if their snug. Sometimes these can loosen up and you can get water through them.
The wind shield could be a different story. If you remove the aluminum strip across the bottom you should see a channel that the window sits in normally water will drain out of that so that may not be your problem but it would not hurt to check it out. I would also check around the hatches on the top. It wouldn't hurt to pull them and reseal them.
The best way to reseal anything on a boat is to remove it and reseat it. It can be a pain but it will save you a lot of headaches in the future.
Good luck
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