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water temp. for tubing?

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Want to take the kids out for quick tube ride today-will water be too cold? Two boys 14 and 9.
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I've seen kids in Bouvier Bay several times already

Kids dont care about cold
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I also like this page from NOAA. Gives lots of info like wave, wind, weather and temps plus forecasts for each. Just not good details for LSC. You can click on the map by Lake Erie and zoom in a little though.
Fox2 just said Lake St Clair water temp is 65. Probably a little warmer in the shallower bays.
75....but like LakeNewbie said, kids will go in the water @ any temp. Try little muscamoot if your boat can get in there...its always warmer in there, if not, the water in front of Mac Rays tends to run a little warmer.
the air is warm they'll be fine

Felt like 65-ish today at the River/Erie. It was GREAT! FINALLY!!! Ahhh!
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Big difference in water temp at the Moot this week from last. Its not bad at all now.
Seen afew folks tubing in the moot this weekend. I got it, cried for a minute, then I was OK.
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