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I hate this ((&&$%^%*&*&((*)(*) weather....

I have to take 2 weeks off and the weather doesn't agree with boating, cutting the grass or having fun outside......

Okay, I feel better now...... They said Friday on nothing but beautiful weather....

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I'm with you, Ricky. This kind of weather makes me want to hibernate.
I can tolerate the cold days and no sun..coz I have tons of gardening to do...altho I'd prefer to so it in the sunshine....
but with this constant drizzle...its just iccccccccccccccccccky !!

I'll prolly head to bed in about 15 mins with a good book.
if the sun was out...we'd still be outside !!

feels like fall !!
make it go away !!

but there is ONE good least for me...I have things to finish up inside the house that I havent done coz it was so nice out. now...I guess I no longer have that excuse ! hehehe
so...the good thing is all projects and chores should be totally done before the nice weather rolls back in.
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