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Wednesday-Anchor Bay

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Had my buddies son, who is home on leave from Iraq, out fishing yesterday without much success. The stiff south wind really kicked our "butts." We did manage a 20" walleye and a 3# smallmouth over by the A marker and some small largeheads in close. It was his first time out since being overseas for the last year; he said that he forgot how great it was to fight and land a smallie. I think thats something most of us take for granted.
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Please thank him for his service and keeping us free, Being a Nam vet myself it always felt good to be appreciated, We do take stuff for granted, but i think that's ok. We live in the world that he protects for us and I just want you to tell him THANK YOU and don't forget.

h2o<-- catch
Look at my avatar....that's my boy.
Did 13 months there, from the beginning in Feb. '03 until last March.

101st Airborne, 1/327, B-Company.

They went in with the first wave, and kicked a$$ all the way to Mosul.

Tell your friends Soldier thank you and....and he already knows don't like have to like it, you just gotta do it!!!!!!!!!
I second the Motion. To all the young service men & woman.

God Bless America!
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