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We fished from 3:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m. sat. , we started trolling (4 lines) northeast from the 9 mile area
(starting in about 15 ft of water) to the light, then followed the channel south (on the east side) to the dumps (weeds were bad!) no fish, no rips, just weed after weed! So I ran to the south shore, west of the hump,
(no floating weeds!!!!!) and fished only one line
(my girlfriend has no canadian licence, this must be fixed!)
about fifteen minutes later a healthy 38 in fish hit the masons muskie killer (perch), and about one hour later a nice 44 in fish fell for the same lure.
I ran back to the same area for two more fish this morning
(about the same size as yesterday on the same lure)
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