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Went to the Coast Guard station on Saturday. Fished from 3-7pm. Never seen a perch in the hole until sunset when the school finally swam in we had about 15 minutes of furious action on the perch. Ended up with about 12 nice perch running from 8-12 inches between 3 guys. It is still too early for that spot to produce good numbers (excellent last ice spot). Went out to Union Lake on Sunday morning and the fish gods finally smiled upon us. Between my buddy and I we ended up with 3 keeper walleye and lost 4 more. 2 walleye taped 16 inches with one coming in at 22 inches. Magic depth for the fish was 30 feet with all the fish coming in from even deeper water. By the way for the curious we had about 8 inches of ice at the Coast Guard station and probably close to the same amount on Union Lake.
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