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Welcome New Sponsor

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Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor, Pierson-Gibbs Homes!

Pierson-Gibbs is a custom home builder using the highest quality products and a system designed to build more home for the money. Your dream can become a reality with Pierson-Gibbs Homes because you have the opportunity to "finish it yourself and save thousands of dollars".

Contact Jere Hill for more information.
(586) 291-6767 or email: [email protected]

View the business Listing

View their site

Thanks Focker!!
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Cool indeed.....Welcome
This is a nice option for someone wanting to get a new home but not wanting to subcontract or going with a builder.

Welcome non-the-less!
QUOTE(Capt'n Mike @ Apr 30 2004, 10:27 AM)you have the opportunity to "finish it yourself and save thousands of dollars".
I like that concept!

Welcome aboard.
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Welcome Jere!
Jere, sweet !
Tell The Peirsons and Dave Megge I said Hello again for me, and congrats, I was thinking on calling on you guys to, for some quotes...
Anyways, I hope you all do well.
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Thanks for the welcome everyone!!! As some of you know, I started off as a Pierson-Gibbs customer. Part way through completing my home a position opened as a builder/sales representative. I worked part-time for a year, then started full time last September and love every minute of it!!!

May 22nd we are having a free on-site workshop at a couple of customers homes that are under construction. You get to see the materials that we use in constructing the shell of the home and walk you through some of the steps in building your own home.
If anyone is interested in attending, you may PM or email me and I'll send you directions with the time etc. There is no obligation and again the workshop is free.
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