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Join in welcoming me,

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Six of the twenty musky locations I have listed are in the traditional Anchor
Bay. The other fourteen areas are in the St Clair River/Delta, and throughout
the main lake all the way to the start of the Detroit River. A few of these spots
are what I have referred to in the past only as "out in the main lake." Some of
them are isolated spots far from shore,very close to shore in spots easy/safe
to reach by small boat, or in secluded areas that get little or no pressure from
musky fisherman. These main lake spots are where a vast majority of my
clients have caught their trophy musky. I have kept the details about these
areas quiet until now. Most of these spots are not found listed anywhere else.
Whether your a beginner or are very experienced at casting for Lake St Clair
musky this packet will dramatically benefit your musky fishing. All the areas on
the musky packet are within American waters. For the price of 10 musky lures
you get what took me 15 years and thousands of hours to obtain. I am only
selling 100 copies. When they are gone, that's IT! Get yours now while they
last or before I come to my senses and change my mind.

For more information you can contact Steve at 406-399-1871 or you can click here to view his website.

Welcome Steve!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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