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Landing Loop

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Our Mission: To produce a simple yet safe docking device to enhance the chances
of safely docking a boat without risking damage to the boat or injury to the crew.

Use the LandingLoop™ (patent pending) on any Power, Sail, Pontoon or Motor boat.
Benefits of using the LandingLoop™

1. Use the LandingLoop™ on any size or type of boat.

2. The LandingLoop™ is light weight, simple to use and has no moving parts.

3. Use it with your own 1/2 in, 5/8 in or 3/4 in -- 25 ft or 35 ft Docking line.

4. Use it whenever there is no one on the dock to assist you in docking.

5. Tie-up to a Cleat, Piling, Post, a Barge, or another boat.

6. Complete DVD instructions included in package.

7. Detachable head for easy storage.

8. Collapsed length of pole is 45 inches -- extends to approx 11 feet

3714 Runge Street
Franklin Park IL 60131
United States

Allan Greenberg

Welcome aboard!


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Welcome Allen and the
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