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Welcome to the new site...

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If you are having trouble with the new forums, please go to the Boathouse forum, and read the 'Welcome' post that is pinned to the top of that forum. Below is a link that will take you right there;

Click Here
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Thanx Mike! I know the migration hasnt been going as smooth as hoped, but will there be a tournament calander coming too?

QUOTE(John Maniaci @ Jan 18 2003, 05:01 PM)Thanx Mike! I know the migration hasnt been going as smooth as hoped, but will there be a tournament calander coming too?

No, smooth isn't the word I would use.

Good question about the calendar. One is supposed to be build into this board, but I don't see it. I'll have to check that out.

I'm thinking there is only one calendar though. Do you mind sharing it with events from the rest of the board, or do you need a dedicated calendar?

You can email me offline about this if you'd like.

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Thank you Captain I'm sure glad to get back on line. Bob
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Things sure have changed while I was away! Tried to get on the other night, I believe it was Sat. Would not accept my password. Looks like it's working now tho. It will be a great looking board once you get the bug's worked out.
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Wow, it too awhile for me to get back here. Finally got through a few minutes ago, feel better now.
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Thanks for all your hard work Mike. I can't wait to figure out all the bells and whistles you have built into the site. For me, not being all that bright, it will probably be a new surprise every time I get on discovering all that is built into this thing.

One question, I put in a post Tuesday and the time listed was for 2:30 something in the AM. I know I was sound asleep at that time so I was wondering if the time wasn't set right for the site or was this just the time that the site recognized my post getting into the system? Thanks again,

Capt'n Mike testing as Mac.
Mike, like I said, I am not to bright. I found where I needed to set my "base time zone" in my profile to get the time set right for any corresponding that I add to the site. Man, this site is really cool.

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Thanks Guys,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. I can post again. You guys are going to have to be a little gentler with all the changes! Maybe one a year, you know us old farts don't handle change as well as you young whipper snappers!

Doug Phillips
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Jim, I'm glad you found the setting for your Time Zone. I just came back to reply to that, but I see you're all set.

Doug, it's just not the old farts that these changes are taking a toll on! It's hard on everyone! We expected a smooth transition, but obviously, that it wasn't. We didn't' know that the password from the old site wouldn't work, otherwise we would have been more pro-active.

The bad news is that we are not out of the water yet. We still have one upgrade left. That's the one that shut down the board for 22 hours earlier this week.

The good news is that it's an upgrade of this same forum, so it's not as drastic as our last successful upgrade, and it's also the final step. Sure there will be upgrades in the future, but we finally are on a system that can grow with us.
QUOTE(John Maniaci @ Jan 18 2003, 05:01 PM)... will there be a tournament calander coming too?

Mini - did you see the new Calendar ?

Do you mind sharing withthe rest of the site, or would you rather have one solely for fishing Tourneys?

Well getting back on line was as effortless as catching a treble hook in your eyelid. Ya just got to preserver!
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Wow, nice changes to this Message Board. I love the new format.

I bailed out of here during the Summer due to all the Tournament chatter that was going on. No disrespect to the tourney guys, but I was glad to see that those discussions have been moved to a seperate section of the forums. I'm sure there are many of us that are relieved to see that as well.

Now we 'casual' types can get down to the business of helping each other find the fish.
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Thanks for the positive feedback, Infamous. I'm sure you and the other recreational fishermen will really appreciate the change come summer.
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