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West Nile Virus

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This may be an off the wall subject to some, but thought it was worth asking. There is very little talk about this virus in the winter time, obviously since there are no reported cases or mosquitos to pass it along, but I am wondering how many of us fisherman will take extra precautions in the upcoming season.

There were quite a few reports toward the end of the season last year in the Macomb and Oakland county areas. I know waiting around in the morning for a blast off on a warm humid day can make our bodies a blood magnet for those vicious mosquitos. I know I usually wear my shorts and sandals with only the protection of little repellant spray. I wonder if that will be enough this year to satisfy our minds.

I truly believe this will be a very serious issue over the next few years. Just wondering your thoughts.

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alls i have to say is if you get it, see a doctor and get rid of it.

madman himself

i dont remember hearing any cases involving people other than children and seniors. keep the kiddies covered and the seniors inside. and dont handle dead crows.
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I'm generally not too concerned but I do protect my daughter when she comes to the weigh-ins or outside.
We were just talking about this the other night...

I was wondering if this is something that will pass over the winter or will it return. I though maybe it will die out form like the extreme cold we've been having. Sounds like from your reading you all think it will return...I hope not!
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