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What a great weekend in the Bay!

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I had a blast all weekend in the bay. Sat the weather turned out great and Sunday was just awesome. Thanks Johhny Z for the ride out and Raftguywithjagar for the promotion to full time "raft guy"
Also anyone else that had to put up with my drunk a$$. I know on Sunday I got some great pics.....let get them posted Dave and BRBD!
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Your drunk a$$????? At least Z-Man didn't have to have Pam babysit you. (Pam, you're my new heroine.... thanks!) Johnny, can I leave the penalty box yet???? LMAO!!!!! What a blast!! For anyone that has never ridden out to the Moot on the Z-boat, you have noooooooooo idea what you're missing. The ride back is the highlight of the day. Imagine all of the speakers turned inward and the tunes CRANKED.... talk about a rush!!! I'll work on pics later.... at least the PG ones. Rerun, you can pilot the raft anytime!!!!
QUOTE(RaftguywithJager @ Aug 2 2004, 11:43 AM)I'll work on pics later.... at least the PG ones.
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QUOTE(Snowmaker @ Aug 2 2004, 10:48 AM)QUOTE(RaftguywithJager @ Aug 2 2004, 11:43 AM) I'll work on pics later.... at least the PG ones.

Sorry Snowbi...... you shoulda been there!!!
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QUOTE(RaftguywithJager @ Aug 2 2004, 06:38 PM)Sorry Snowbi...... you shoulda been there!!!
Had too much work to do around the house. <_<

And this weekend we have family things Saturday and Sunday. <_<
That sux! We'll take pictures for ya!!

Its gonna take forever to get all of this weekend's pics into the gallery. Here are just a couple for now.

Here's Julie.... the newest raftgirl. Isn't she gorgeous?????
Another new addition to the LSCN family, Stacy.... although I don't think she's registered yet.
OOPS... forgot the pic.... sorry Stac!!!
Heyyyyyyyyyy Muscamoot Bay.... Can I get a Hellllllll Yeaaaahh??????
The hostess with the mostest!! Yer a rockstar, girl!!!
Ok, the rest will go into the photo section..... eventually. Lotsa great shots of lotsa LSCN peeps!!!!
Had a great time yesterday. The ride home was a blast! I think the 3 girls in the Scarab that kept circling around us were enjoying it too!!!
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From a first hand account, the three girls in the Scarab were having a blast!!!!
Cool pic Terri.... who took that one? My battery was dead from all day in the bay. I think Shawn mighta gotten a few though. 3 hott chickettes in a hot rod.... it was a pretty cool sight!!
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