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What a night!

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Ok... so DaveCarter made it out to TNTs and I had already left for work!!! Sorry I didn't get to meet you!!! Next time for sure though!

More you need to join the fun!!!! Here's a pic of the group that was there last night.... all from LSCN!!!


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That's the way to do it....keep Mini waaaaay in the back for all pic's!!!
Very purposely done Mr. Neeley....

I actually walked in as they were gathering for the pic.....I thought to myself, I could get in this pic and then leave and people would think I was a ghost.

Too funny!!!!
I know I should have done it....but I saw all those what a turn out. It is getting bigger and bigger. Outgrew the "normal" bar and they opened the back room for the group, broght in extra wait and bar staff....I think they like us.

I wondered where you were....
MJ left before the pic was taken and a lot of ppl showed up after it was taken...... next week I'm tryin to switch my nights off so I work Wednesday and have Tuesday off. If that happens I'll get a group shot later in the night so everyone is in it..............

Would be more complete if our fishing guys were in it also!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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