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does anyone else here unwittingly think about another member because of the mark on you? i find i do everyday with little things and not so little things i come across. example:

when i watched the u of m game, i thought of snowmaker (his love for uofm)
when i see columbus blue jackets play, i think of CBJ (hense the initials) i also think of budweiser... and the clydesdales... don't know why about the clydesdales, tho.
when i see a vette, i think of shandoggie
when i think of fishing, i think of mini
when i think of 97.1, i think of camp-2-fires
when i think of playing santa or the first 'soooooocial!', i think of BRBD
when i think of 'scotty2hotty' of wrestling, i think of 'cotty the hottie'
when i think of 'vanilla, chocolate, strawberry' in hair color, i think of firecracker & dookie
when i think of hustler baby tees, i think of mj
when i think of playboy visors, i think of shoregazm III
when i think of pampered chef, i think of ladybug
when i think of bill's lights, i think of the south channel lights & convincor every time.
when i think of flashing boobs, i think of delsol cruz andmy retinas
when i think of bi-sexuals hitting on girls in muskamoot, i remember pauligan (and keke.. oh lord) i also remember pauligan in her hottie white playboy bikini (who wouldn't!)
when i think about vanilla vodka, coke, & hospitality, i think of edengrog
when i think about jello shots, i think about evil shot girl, which makes me think about wetbox, i mean bar (
when i think about the blackout (& wall action), i think about rumpshaker
when i think of Foreigner, i think of goose & fit chick (especially when i hear 'waiting for a girl like you' and then i also remember that guy in the row if front of us... lol!)
when i think of a kimono, i think of FOU
when i think of a cast, i remember jetski's ankle cast and all his stages of repair (then i think of your new boat)
when i think of tequila and poops, i think of THREECRABS!!!!!!!!!!! *hiccup*
when i think of superbowl, i think of girlie in her green cheer uniform (and i know some of you guys do,too! lol!)
when i think of who i most want to emulate in the future, not to mention who i adore so very much for hospitality, i think of mrs sunbum (and mr sunbum, too!)
when i think of my favorite parts of my job and one of the coolest guys, i think of captain rob, whom i adore very much
when i think about nametags, i think about pampurred
when i think about showing up when one says one is going to show up, i think about instigator (and the hot tub picture! meow!)
when i think about hot moms, i think about jewels
when i think about dancing ones arse off, i think about dawnie dawn
when i think about kid rock (& cage dancers at the hayloft), i think about saleena
when i think about cats, i think about all jacked up
when i think about christopher, i think about samson (
when i think about phone calls of 'hey ck, do you got a minute?', i think of mongo
when i think about jack's i think about btenn, and me wanting to kick his tush about the "L word thread' lol!!!!!
when i think of neighbors, i think of capt mike (saying he's going to find my car and put my sticker on for me)
when i think of classy guys with style, i think of traveler (and i also think of having the last word LOL!)
when i think of scrapbooking, every time i think of amielou!
when i think of people i always call the wrong name, i think of waterlogged, onesided, schuer10, his wife, and sowder.
when i think of the pool at jack's i think of jabberjawz.
when i think of bruce willis, i think of manana
when i think of 'that damn purdy blonde i keep forgetting her name' i think of mananaII (and her on her wedding day!
) but justso you know i soooooo know you now !

when i think of shots and golden labs, i think of bobrob20
when i think of handsome guys that fall asleep at parties, i DEFINATLY think of hammer!!!!
when i think of nightstands, i think of pandora
when i think of the emerald theatere, i think of no shame
when i think about suites, i think about capt pegleg
when i think about busch light, i think about pirlgirl (I LOVE THAT STUFF! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!)
when i think about dnr, which means 'does not respond,' i think about no code
when i think about a campari & soda, i think of campari
when i think about firemen, i get all excited, then i think about afireman and remember pancake breakfasts.
when i think about new girls to the site, i think about rerun and his chances

when i think about cinco de mayo, i think about damn yankee! lol! and going home to my mom and dad's! lol!
when i think about hunting, i think about topgun... then i think about coasters...
when i think about waverunners, i think about wiz
when i think about hot shades worn at night, i think about mr. big
when i think of the best and most giving christmas parties, & the most intelligent advice i think of taxman
when i think about phone calls i don't identify and end up hanging up on, i think about fast eddie.
when i think about elvis, i think about hazy & veronique
when i think about 'all niiiiiiight looooong!', i think about, uh, ah, ummmm.. what's his name? oh yeah.. zman!

when i think about 'one time only' i think about focker
when i think about hot polish guys, i think about danimal first, then MADMAX!! yak she koham!
when i think of being out and about, i think of boat chic ( & she's hot)
rfdeiter N boater2be... crazy stuff!
when i think about canada (eh) i think about milord, mellyjo, and candaian girl (eh). i also think about mellyjo when isee secretary glasses--meow!)
moneyshot, thanks for the oportuity.. wahooooooo! & ed's a pretty cool guy! wahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
when i think about goin home early from a raging party, i think about EZC (and so does donnis) but i love eagle1!
when i think about euchre, i think about puppetshow
and when i think of breakfasts gone wrong, i think about bill 262 & freckels, and the dang bagels that were missing that day!
(but hey! you have a dvd in the back of your truck!! how cool!)
i just want to say, thank you, all of you, for being part of the best dang internetfamily ever... and if i missed someone... i am so sorry, but these were rememberesnces.. but i still love ya'll!

here's my quote to ya'll: "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."--Eeyore

thank you for your friendship and memories for the past year and some. we have some great times coming up. let's make the best of them!

xo-- christine

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well, i'm sittting here thinking of you guys and not wanting to watch 'little women' or something equally as gay, so i pose to YOU all!
"heck geo wendt is on sat nite live singing all that lucky am i ??
very strange!


and you know you think of everyone else the same (sorta) way!
so ahahahhhahhahahhhaaaaaaaaaa!

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Wow CK. I don't think it could have summed up any better. I, like you, feel so fortunate to have met and become friends with so many fine people this summer.

You all hold a very special place in my heart and I look forward to the good times ahead.

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CK, I've never met you but I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and looking at the pictures of you with all of your friends in the pictures.

When I think of CK I think of a very pretty & energentic young lady who has a heart of gold towards all of her friends. You remind me a lot of my older daughter Kimberly with all of your love and outgoing personality..

Someday my wife and I will walk up to you and introduce ourselves. Until then, it's nice to know that you have welcomed myself and others into your world here at LSCN.

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Ahhhh, CK...the Crab's certainly love ya~I'm so glad you are a part of our lives
One thing for sure, we have made so many new friends....that's showin' the love, fo sho~

PFit said it right, "When I think of CK I think of a very pretty & energetic young lady who has a heart of gold to wards all of her friends."

Now 3crabs wants to know why I remind you of tequila and poop~
Obviously he doesn't read my posts <_<

That must have took you a long time to write......

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Yesterday I tried to explain what LSCN was and what it (we) are all about to California relatives. I came up with.........

Philanthropy (charity)

But there's so much more that I do not have the linguistic talents to describe.

I am continuously amazed by this group in so many ways.

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When I think of someone with alot of spunk, enthusiasm and alot of spirit and looks at the postive side of things....I think you CK! You rock baby girl!

Have a great Sunday!

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CK ~ every time I reach for my can of BIG SEXY HAIR flip it over hair stuff I think of you chicka!
Love that stuff!!!

also - I thought of you yesterday when I received a promotional mailer for dish network in the mail. It was the coolest promotional mailer I have ever seen - did you get one? It was black and tied with a ribbon - very very cool packaging.


ps. edited - I am such a dork sometimes!!

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when i think of handsome guys that fall asleep at parties, i DEFINATLY think of hammer!!!!

Geez, one time and you never live it down.
I think of many of those peeps for the same reasons. Nice post CK.

Truly a great bunch of people, that although we are all different ages, some boaters, some not, we sure have a lot of fun together. I hope it never ends.

Cool post CK. Now you say you went to breakfast with Freckles and Bill 262... I just need to know before I confront Christine - Is he bigger than me? He sounds about a foot shorter

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Too cool CK! You sure summed it all up accurately!!

What an awesome group of peeps!

And definitely while boating I think of you every time I tie the "fenders" to the boat before throwing them over the side!! That was a hysterical story!! Love it!!

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very cool post C
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