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PINK: You are girlish and sweet!

BLUE: You are active and independent!

YELLOW: You are happy and outgoing!

GREEN: You are down to earth and energetic!

RED: You are intense and romantic!

ORANGE: You are hyper and courageous!

PURPLE: You are creative and unique!

WHITE: You are innocent and classic!

BLACK: You are dark and mysterious!

GOLD: You are extravagant, classy and slightly vain. Looking good is like a neccessity to you and you love money.

Silver: You are glamourous and exuberant. You are ambitious and love recognition. You have some sort of preoccupation with fame.

BROWN: is the color of physical well-being and indicates how you are concerned with your health. You are probably in good shape. However, you are restless and insecure sometimes. A secure environment is very important to you.

Violet: Intuition and psychic ability, spiritual activity or information, trance mediumship, transmutation, therapeutic healing, protection; heart or stomach trouble, arrogance, superiority.

APPLE GREEN: Innovative, adventurous.

MAROON: Sensuous, emotional, gregarious.

BLUE GREEN: Idealistic, faithful.

LIGHT BLUE: Creative, perceptive, imaginative.

PEACH: Gentle, charitable, enthusiastic.

GREY: Passive, noncommital, stressed.

DARK BLUE: Intelligent, responsible.

MINT GREEN: Modest, insightful, composed.

MAUVE: Delicate, reserved, sensitive.

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"Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see."

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QUOTE(Boss @ Aug 5 2003, 02:00 PM)QUOTE(Fast~Eddie @ Aug 5 2003, 01:56 PM) fuscia

Hmmm....can't find what that means. My guess is fruity?
i love fruit, especially melons, big ripe melons ! yes !!

cherry's are good too !
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