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What Makes This Board Great

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It was a pleasure to finally get a chance to meet a few of the guys from this site over the last couple days at the show at Ford Field and actually put some faces to some names. Now I know why this is such a great site with such pertinent information, it's the quality of the people found here. Mac, Mini and Ken, good to finally meet you and let me know how it happens, because MuskieBobSr., I'm thinking he'll get even.
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Your can bet your sweet petunias on that Brad
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It was GREAT to meet you too Brad,....nothin' like makin' new friends every year!!...BTW Bob,...I wanted to see you too for awhile, but you were busy giving a seminar when I was on "patrol"...LOL....Then I heard a good story about something happening to your booth?? The Horror!!..I hope they catch who ever was going around squirting "Magic Shrink" on your mount!!
,.....You're such a good sport, bigdog,.....We LOVE ya Man!!!
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man, i couldnt find any of you guys. i was excited to meet some of you on saturday but didnt know where to look. i was planningon going back sunday but was ill. better luck next year i guess. good show tho!

madman himself
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I know what you mean Brad....Heck I make the UPS guy open all packages on the front porch before I open the door, never know what Brunner is up to!

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