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what should i be doing out there tuesday

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me and a buddy want to go out fishing tuesday, i dont know whats everyone catching and where are you guys getting the most luck?? I havnt been out in a while so I dont know whateveryone is using, any tips would be greatly appreciated, becaus we want to cath fish!
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Fish catching formula. (Missing one step voids formula)

1. 4lb.test 1lb. diameter FireLine smoke color

2. 1/8 oz. plain jig head tied direct which is grey color by the way

3. Berkley 3in Power Grub or Berkley 3in Gulp. White, or pumpkin color

4. Retrieve as slow as poss. keeping it just off bottom.

B.Bouy area should be rockin now. Or mile roads area this way if wind picks up you can get close to shore.

h2o<--says STOP THINK 1lb. diameter fish don't see that line very well. "THINK" 1lb. dia. a light should go on.
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thanks h20, can always count on you
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