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Whats on fire?

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Sitting here at Mac Ray and there is a HUGE flame on the other side of the lake. From here it looks to be right around the North Channel Entrance but further inland.

Nothing on the news sites yet
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my kitchen last night....oops... well the oil in the pan on the stove anyways.
Maybe Newbs fired up the BBQ.
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The roof.... The roof.... The roof is on fire!!
On my fire radio they sent Marine City out for the plume of smoke! Don't know what it is yet!
I was trying to be like my dad and cook...didn't turn out to well...
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I didn't see or hear't help you ....
someone wil have the scoop for you before too long

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Its up in the St clair/ port huron area. I'm not sure if it was on the american or canadian side though, I didnt get close enough.
DNR does controlled burns quite often. Might be one of those ?
There was no fire. Nothing to see.

Carry on with your business.
Chemical Valley in Sarnia was doing a burn off last night about this time. Could see the smoke all the way home up I-94 starting at 23 Mile Rd.
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