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Scanned through the tournament calendar and didn't see any opens much. Got a buddy from a nearby state that want's to fish a few opens with me this year and need info on any in Jul and August on St. Clair????? Anyone know of any or know where I can find out since not many are posted on the calendar? Doug, your Charity Opens...are they actually "Opens" or are they part of the GNT circuits? Are they single day?


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I have on my sheet....

7/26 GNT Charity
8/3 Bass N' Bums & Babes
8/17 Oakland Bassmasters
8/23 GNT Charity

I believe they were on the calender at one time, I'll repost them. Both oiut of Harely Ensign. Of course you could fish any GNT tournament at anytime, you don't need to fish the entire season.

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Sorry about the calander confusion this year. I did have a complete schedule on there, but somehow the database got deleted.

Since I do this as a free service for my fishing friends (contrary to what some think, I dont get paid for this work). I havent had time to update it again.

I will however encourage anyone to post their tournaments/events on the calander. You can do it yourself and you will be helping everyone out. The passsword is "lscn" just as it says on the page.

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