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Where Are All The Sailor?

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Talked to a guy the other day, who is a sailor. His name is Al. I told him about this site. So, if you are Al.....become a member and get in on the action.
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Why are the sailors not here. Hmm... Not to tough. There aren't many features on this site that are to useful for us. Things that would help are:
Crewboard.. (people looking for and wanting to crew)
Marina information (Depth of slips, services such as mast stepping)
Restaurant and Anchorage information including depth.
Links to the yacht clubs and racing associations.
Links to race results.

Why sailing isn't that popular here as opposed to other places. There is no good place to rent boats or get lessons. Look here for something that would help a lot.
Sail Newport

Although I agree with you on the lack of useful information, much of the info you request would probably be of use to power boaters as well. In cyberspace as in life, we are outnumbered I'm afraid.
As far as links to yacht clubs, racing and crew requests, we've always got the DRYA site (although I agree it would be nice if there was a link to it somewhere on this site).

Anyway, we do have this little area of the forums right here to share local knowledge (hence my reason for starting the "Anchorages?" thread). I unfortunately don't know a bunch of other sailors but if I come across any, I"ll certainly send them this way. Part of my reason for coming here is to meet other sailors (outside of my own marina). This site is as good as any as far as a place to get the sailing community in this area together on the 'net. I'm sure that if the webmasters of this site begin to see more sailor activity on the site, then they might be more amenable to adding some of the features you request?

I appreciate the fact that our friend Convincor is assisting in trying to start some traffic on this board for us being that he's a non-sailor!

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Hey man? I got nothing against the rag hanger crowd? (Just a little humor).

Actually, I will never understand sailing, but think it is an interesting way to boat. As usuall, as a powerboater I think it looks like a lot of work. I guess that is somewhat of a cliche'. I have never been on a sail boat. Hopefully someday I will get the chance.
I think it would be much fun to expeiriance that.

I was sincerely appreciative that you made a stop down here at our little space on this site! Wasn't bein' facitious!

The "it's a lot of work" thing is an old wives tail. When I take the boat out I can get the sails set and trim in about 5 minutes single handed. Then I can basically sail across the lake for hours without touching a thing given a fairly steady wind direction. If I turn on the autopilot, I can sit there and sip a beer and read a book and just look up every so often to make sure I'm not going to hit anyone/anything.

The only time sailing is a lot of of work is when you are racing or when you are on a "pleasure cruise" with an anal racer who can't stand to have his sails slightly out of trim!

The nice thing about sailing is that you can listen to music, talk (quietly) to others, and even barbecue while your under way (I've done it!). Its really quite relaxing.

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It's all good!
I agree. It isn't very much work. Especially if your on a pigged out cruiser type boat. Especially if you have a boat with autopilot and even more so if you've got a roller furling main.

The only time any real work is involved is when either racing or when the weather starts getting nasty. That is nasty to the point where most powerboaters seem to stay home because it is to bumpy.

One of us needs to give Convincor a ride since he has never sailed. Anyone own a 49er? If you like things that feel fast you will enjoy it a lot more if you go out on something small (no keel) that can plane and it's a really windy day.
I had just posted about the rest of the site not being busy. Only to get out of the boathouse and notice you all talking about it here. As far as things you would like to see added to the site. All you have to do is ask. Capt Mike and the rest of the staff are always looking for ways to improve the site. I'm not sure more fourms are the answer. The real answer is more sailing traffic. Maybe a flyer stapeled to a couple of sail clubs boards would do the trick. You would think this would be a great site to talk about races, rigging, crew, whatever........... I once asked my friend at work who's a life time sailor out of North Star what sites he goes to. His answer were all National sites. I asked why wouldn't you want to meet people that are all on the same lake as you......he really didn't have a answer nor have I seen him visit the site. (at least that I know of) I guess diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. But one things for sure is that this site is open to all lake users not just power boaters. I could think of nothing better than to meet more great people that love the lake.
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Well said!
It's nice to see some other sailors on the board.

Rerun, I haven't been on the board in quite awhile...did I miss anything good?!?
Did you miss anything good..............bro the board has blow up! You've missed a ton of good times. I'm sure you will be back once the summer hits.
Hey Rag Bagger, Get some good discussion going on this sailing board. Let's let it come alive! I'm not a sailor, but who cares. Can't start anything on "general" cuz it get's buried within five minutes between all the booboo and pee.

Keep rockin.
Here is a topic. Will New Zealand ever start another F'ing race or are they going to keep the cup forever by leaving the series and 3-0 with an infinite number of weather postponements on perfectly fine weather days.

Atleast in San Diego they almost always started the race even if they couldn't finish the legs within the time limit.

At this rate we'll be lucky if any station covers the next cup.

My other Lake St Clair Pet Peeve. Maybe Bayview and Crescent are different. But why in Anchor Bay and North Shore do they run PHRF races with downwind and reaching starts. It seems in looking at the standard wind direction they intentionally set courses that do not involve a real upwind leg. Even when one is available they always use a heavily favored leg. Why not run an upwind start so there is actually some strategy involved instead of a 3 reaching leg drag race for a course.
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How bad does the weather have to be to cancel sailing? I saw on tv the other day, a sail race that it looked like it was lightly raining. What gives?
I've raced in rain, snow and a lightening storm. Depends on the race. Typically depending on the race rain doesn't cancel it. In college racing the only thing that will cancel or postpone a race is not enough wind (less then a slight breeze probably 3mph) or lightening. Rain or snow though and you still race. I can remember a race in March on the East River in NYC where it was blowing 30mph and about 30 degrees outside and capsizing before I had a drysuit and feeling like I was going to freeze to death. In less serious stuff usually somewhere around between 25 to 30mph the race will get cancelled because no one wants to break anything and you tend to push the boat a lot harder while racing. Races don't start in lightening but it will happen during a race sometimes. In areas that are prone to squals. A race is more likely to get canned for not enough wind then bad weather.
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Do any of you gentlemen sail multis or are you all mono-hull types? I have been to a few of the sailing club bulletin boards and it seems like all of the fleets on this lake are mono-hulls.
Would that be like a cattamaran hull?
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